2017 Audi Q5 Review Interior, Styling and Performance

 2017 Audi Q5 Review Interior, Styling and Performance

2017 Audi Q5 Review

However conspicuous the mark left by the Audi Q7, it absolutely was the smaller Q5 that actually uncorked the sales potential of SUVs that its maker had been deed up to now untapped once the model 1st appeared virtually a decade agone.

Launched against a scene of uncertainty concerning whether or not consumers would go for a mid-size pseudo all-terrain bike from Ingolstadt, the Q5 delivered associate emphatic answer by smashing its sales targets and turning into the popular automotive in its category for many years of its life.

Audi’s prime executives wasted no chance to crow concerning the surprise success of the Q7’s relation.

But then you may too if your new introduction had come back out of thin air to right away out-sell the likes of the BMW X3 and Land Rover Freelander.

It helped, of course, that the Q5 entered one in all the fastest-growing market niches in Europe, and it absolutely was underlined by the actual fact that the 1st-generation incarnation of the model reached additional house owners on our continent within the final twelve months of its life than it had in its first full year on sale.

This time around, you'll bet the importance of the Q5 won't be underestimated. And in reflection of the actual fact that the outgoing model became a vastly roaring international product over the course of its life (it attracted additional consumers in China last year than it did in Europe and therefore the America combined), the new one moves out of the initial version’s German production base at Ingolstadt and into a consolidated facility in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico.

Like such a big amount of of Audi’s alternative recent introductions, it conjointly moves onto the firm’s MLB Evo model platform, that not solely permits it to grow slightly all told 3 major dimensions however conjointly to hit a curb weight that's on the average 90kg but that of its forerunner on a model-for-model basis.

Audi is beginning the united kingdom model vary little however can flesh it out later, at first giving British consumers the selection of 187bhp a pair of.0-litre diesel or a a pair of49bhp 2.0-litre gasoline turbo. Diesels of each lesser and bigger outputs ought to follow, at the side of the all-new, diesel-turned-petrol-turbo SQ5 performance by-product.

We have elective  to check the two.0 TDI.

Audi Q5 style & styling

In classic German premium-brand vogue, Audi has aimed the new Q5 SUV directly at its nearest Teutonic rivals with absolute preciseness.

The new automotive is inside an in. of being an ideal match for a BMW X3 or a Mercedes-Benz GLC on overall length, whereas a Land Rover Discovery Sport may be a bit shorter at the curb and a panther F-Pace a gnat’s whisker longer.
That would counsel, quite rightly, that Audi is targeting the centre of the premium-brand mid-sized SUV market here. The car is growing with the class, not within it.

The new Q5’s styling is a touch more masculine and assertive than that of the old model.

The firm’s new dominant single-frame grille is the crowning glory of a design language intended as the outward expression of the kind of obsession with technical precision that gives you body panels pressed with remarkable surface complexity and fitted with perfectly aligned creases while overlapping their neighbours in unconventional ways.

The car’s outline is one with raked pillars and a less boxy profile than those of most of its rivals, which is partly why so many will perceive the car as more stylish than its peers.

Overall, it’s not difficult to see why customers may like the way this car looks – but it’s hard to imagine being excited by it.

Under the skin, the Q5’s body-in-white is a match for that of the latest A4 and A5, being a mix of aluminium and steel.

Suspension is all-independent, with a new five-link chassis having been developed in order for the car to work across a broad choice of suspension options.

Entry-level Q5s come with steel coil springs, while our S line-specification test car sits on passively damped and lowered sport suspension, which is a no-cost option.

The as-standard suspension is ‘dynamic comfort’. Adaptively damped comfort suspension or a variable-height air system are available at extra cost. Audi’s variable-ratio dynamic steering is another option not fitted to our car.

For now, all versions of the Q5 come with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and also with Audi’s new clutch-based ‘quattro ultra’ four-wheel drive system, which brings the rear part of the transmission into play only when the car’s electronic brain decides it’s needed.

Only the top-level 3.0 TDI and SQ5 models will get the centre differential-based permanent four-wheel drive systems we’ve associated with Audi for so long – and only those versions can be equipped with a locking ‘sport’ rear differential.

Audi Q5 interior


If you’re familiar with other recent Audis, this is the section of the road test you could write having tested the car blindfolded.

It’s now common thinking in the car industry that if you want to see a benchmark interior, you look at an Audi, and the Q5 is as predictable as a straight Rory McIlroy drive off the tee, landing right wherever you’d expect it to be.
Shall we begin with the driving position? we would similarly, as a result of in some recent Audis associate offset positioning has been the one issue you may wish to criticise.

No such drama here, though: the wheel sits spatial relation of the seat, and though the brake and accelerator pedals ar each offset, it’s to the correct, wherever you’d hope. The seven-speeddual-clutch car ’box means that there’s no clutch to trouble concerning.

You sit under you may in a very Discovery Sport – or that’s however it feels, as a result of the Q5’s higher window line, which supplies a bigger sense of car-likeness. Even so, there’s enough elevation here to stay consumers wanting a tall seating position happy.

Accommodation within the rear is nice, too. There’s enough house for adults to take a seat behind adults, that is concerning the most effective you'll invite, whereas the Q5’s bags bay dimensions have presumptively been rubber-stamped somewhere with the Ingolstadt equivalent of ‘requirements met’.

At its widest, the boot may be a golf club-accommodating 1300mm and it’s virtually a metre long with the rear seats in situ. Folding them is that the work of an instant and ends up in a well-known 1800mm load length, whereas load height to the bags cowl is 510mm and to the ceiling it’s 800mm.

In all, then, the varieties of numbers that roll out of our tape with astonishing consistency with massive Volkswagen cluster cars.

Also amazingly consistent is that this Audi’s work and end. Material selection is powerful, as ever: trying|have a look|look|search|go searching} for the areas wherever they’ve scrimped and saved and you’ll be looking a moment.

Buttons, switches and therefore the MMI interface controller all operate with sleek potency, and dials and readouts ar all absolutely clear.

If you were meticulous you may invite to a small degree additional aptitude and character – one thing like mini manages to lob into a cabin, for instance – however sales volumes counsel that, additional typically than not, folks need a elegant interior that simply works. Here, they’ve got one.

Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, that displays the most instruments digitally, may be a fine piece of labor, being labile and clear.

But higher still is that the remainder of the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI), which mixes an oversized central screen with a controller on the centre console. As yet, Audi has resisted the urge, to that BMW has succumbed, to form the screen bit sensitive.

With an impression pad and its adorning buttons, however, it’s simple to navigate through the myriad systems.

There’s a touchpad, too, that we tend to used principally for inputting addresses on the navigation, whereas the rotary dial are often turned, ironed or nudged to navigate through menus. It’s approximately as intuitive as BMW’s iDrive system, however it’s best within the business.

Sensibly, Audi retains separate buttons and switches for operations like the heating and ventilating system, heated seats and then on, and therefore the whole kit and boodle is supplemented by handwheel controls for major functions.

It’s to a small degree of a button-fest compared to, say, a Volvo, however once it involves practicality, we’ll take it.

Audi Q5 performance


On the day we tend to patterned the Audi Q5, we tend to happened to possess on constant Land Rover Discovery Sport and a Mercedes-Benz GLC.

They were gift additional for ride and handling comparisons than straightforward performance figures, however the digits that emerged ar vital enough.

In the benchmark 0-60mph sprint, the Audi and Mercedes nudged near one another. The GLC simply swayback underneath eight seconds, the Audi simply over.

At this point, forget the Land Rover, which is more than a second slower than the Audi.

Over a standing quarter mile it’s a similar story: the Mercedes is still narrowly the more accelerative, plus it has the edge on in-gear flexibility, which is what really matters. Onto a level slip road it will accelerate from 30-70mph in 7.8sec, while the Audi wants 8.5sec.

The Audi’s gearing is a little unusual, being considerably lower than the Mercedes in the first five gears, then about equal in sixth and far longer in seventh.

You’d think there were big gaps in the upper gears (well, there are), but such is the S tronic gearbox’s ability to shuffle between ratios that it’s not something you’d notice unless you chose to pay it significant attention.

Perhaps it’s one reason why the Mercedes’ engine seems more muted, more often, than the Audi’s, the gearing of which has possibly been optimised more for legislative drive cycles. Or perhaps it’s just the installation.

Either way, if you hadn’t been told, you’d probably not notice, and either way, it’s a darn sight quieter than the Discovery Sport, whose Ingenium engine is frequently at the forefront of your mind as it grumbles away ahead of you, seemingly putting in more effort than the Audi or Mercedes for considerably less return.

The Q5’s brake pedal feel is good, and its slowing ability is strong.